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Nature and wildlife photography is a combination of art and science.

It takes a labor of love and deep understanding as well as strong commitment, determination, persistence, ...and patience. It also takes years of trials and errors and constant research.

However, the results can be something so amazing that words cannot describe. If our life is measured by the moments that take our breath away, a nature/wildlife photographer surely has a wonderful job.




All prints are professionally printed and individually signed.

These prints have natural looking fresh tones and sharp details.... more


What's New

Book, "Save the Last Dance, A Story of North American Grassland Grouse"

I worked on this book for almost 12 years and am proud to say this is one-of-a-kind nature book out there.

With noted outdoor writer, Joel M. Vance, I hope to rescue North American grassland grouse from the brink of extinction.

I hope this book shows the world what we are about to lose if these species are allowed to disappear forever.


Please follow my book blog, http://www.savethelastdancebook.com/blog/


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